Saturday, May 27, 2023

2023 May 24, Day 40 To the Wizard Pool, Loch Skipport.

The best spot was taken by a boat staying all night so I chose to anchor between Wizard Island and a rock that uncovers almost to windward. 

This boat was in position "A" in these conditions.

The Wizard Pool, position A in the given wind was in the NW
corner but I had to settle for where the red circle is with the
anchor towards the small rock. Note the scale.
It was a bit closer to the island than I would have preferred but the wind would blow me clear and the wind was likely to back giving a good long way behind, this is a good safety measure as it can be problematic getting the anchor up in a breeze single handed if there is not room to drift back when the anchor breaks free, that is because I need to be on the foredeck to flake the chain into the shallow locker.

In my view this anchorage is much better than the next door Kettle Pool that I used last year, except probably in a north easterly.

The channel to Kettle Pool.

My track going out, the initial move west is largely hauling
the anchor up.

2023 Loch Boisdale to Loch Skipport

15 miles in 4 hours

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