Sunday, May 14, 2023

2023 May 13th, Day 29 Loch Tarbert to Scallastle Bay, Sound of Mull

A disappointing day although not surprising given the previous evenings forecast. There was a nice breeze when I left but it disappeared after half an hour and I motored the rest of the way initially heading for Lock Spelve which has an anchorage suitable for the forecast fresh winds. However, as I approached it became clear that there was an event taking place with a dozen vessels entering before I got there and quite a few more heading that way.

With a still SW wind forecast for that night I decided on an anchorage on the west side of the Sound of Mull and chose Scallastle Bay, about four miles from Duart Point which I reached shortly after the tide turned foul.

Fairly miserable weather to start but from late morning it was
largely sunny and warm.
Another three boats going into Loch Spelve.
It felt like the Solent as I rounded Duart Point with three Ferrys in
view, these two heading for Oban passing south of  Lismore Island.
Duart Castle, Mull.
The view from the anchorage across the entrance to the Sound
of Mull to Lismore and the mainland north of Oban. 

2023 Tarbert to Scallastle Bay

41 miles in 7.5 hours.

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