Wednesday, May 17, 2023

2023 May 16th, Days 32 - 33 Loch Aline to Tobermory.

Although it is unlikely that I can get across to the Outer Hebrides until Friday or Saturday there is a chance and I wanted a shower, diesel (cheaper than at home), Camping Gaz (£45 !!!) and some other things so I decided to move to Tobermory.

It was a very bumpy ride for the first half of the trip, the very benign conditions in Loch Aline changing to 17 - 20 knots of wind against 1 - 2 knots of tide.

14 miles in two and three-quarter hours, all under engine.

2023 Sound of Mull

Click here for the short hop to Loch Drambuie.

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