Saturday, May 27, 2023

2023 May 25, Days 41 - 43 to Loch Keivagh and Lochmaddy.

My plan was to spend the night at Loch Keivagh then Friday and Saturday nights at Loch Maddy either both in the marina or one there and one at anchor depending on exactly when some strong winds went through.

Entering Loch Keivagh

My track in and out of Loch Keivagh.

The entrance was a little problematic due to the fish farm and lobster pots, and once though the narrow entrance it was quite bleak, had limited swinging room in the shallower bits and the wind was funnelling down the loch, so I went on to Lochmaddy. 

2023 Loch Boisdale to Keiravagh


I'm likely to be there for 3 nights as F4-6 winds are forecast for the Minch (F7 in the north) but looking OK for next week with seas < 1 metre by Wednesday for several days but NE winds on Thursday could mean a long trip back to the Sound of Harris. 

Sancerre (left) and the Ketch "Slipstream" right, she arrived in
Castlebay a day after me, then here also via "The Wizards Pool".
We left the same day but she went direct to Taransay then St Kilda
where we met up again, then finally we met at Loch Finsbay, again

The Ferry docking.

Loch Keiravagh to Loch Maddy

22 miles in  three and a half hours.

Click here for Opsay Basin.

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