Thursday, May 4, 2023

2023 April 30th, Day 16 Milford to Carnsore

I left at 0515, an hour late as the alarm did not sound - my new iPad had sound for the alarm turned off by default which is a bit strange. The visibility was very variable and mainly between 2 and 5 cables, I motored for a couple of hours into a nasty sea until I was clear of the entrance and Skokholm Island and except for one burst of engine to avoid a ship I was able to sail until reaching the offing for St Margret's bay, Carnsore point, most of it in dank misty weather in F3 winds increasing to F4-5  by mid afternoon.

At the north end of the "Off Smalls" TSS. The blue blob over
the ship WSW of me is the radar return from a big ship at 3.5 NM.
The ship Sanskip Endeavour was coming up the north bound lane of the TSS at 16.5 knts and according to AIS would be very close in fog, at the same time Elizabeth K?? was coming south IIRC at 7 knts also projected to be close. Although making better than 5 knts under sail I put the engine on for a while making better than 7 knots which is over the theoretical max hull speed. Naturally as soon as I had cleared her projected path Sanskip slowed to 9 knots, I assume when entering the fog, and I cleared her by miles then went behind Elizabeth, seeing neither except on AIS and on Radar.

The last  2 or 3 hours was excellent sailing in warm sun and good visibility.

Carnsore Point is low lying and difficult to see and in the days
before GPS it would be very easy to get down tide and end up
fighting a couple of knots of tide. Apart from GPS the wind
turbines make a good radar target and are easier to see.
 (click on the pic to see for yourself).
Getting close.
Milford to St Margret's Bay, Carnsore Pt.

61 miles in twelve and a quarter hours.

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