Tuesday, May 23, 2023

2023 May 21st, Day 37 Cornaig Bay to Castlebay.

After days with little or no internet access I have found that "marine traffic's" ground stations lost contact with me half way to Vatersay, I have manually updated my position today and will do so in the future IF I can get an internet connect.. Providing I remember to switch on the IridiumGo, tracking without paying for Marine traffic's satellite tracking service should be available from "Track Sancerre" above.

A lovely morning made a nice change and as I was only moving
a short distance the lack of wind did not bother me.
Just a couple of miles to Castlebay marina for a shower and shopping. Disappointed on the former as there was no hot water so it was very quick and no hair wash, the latter was much better with the best COOP I have seen north of the boarder.

A small cruise ship arrived early on Sunday putting a number of tourist ashore then got them back and set sail at lunch time as everything opened up. As least they, including the Coop opened in the afternoon, they don't everywhere in the Western Isles.

Why its called Castlebay, the castle is on an Island.

2023 Cornaig Bay to Castle Bay

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