Sunday, May 21, 2023

2023 May 18th, Day 34 Tobermory to Loch Drumbuie

Friday or Saturday looked as if they might be OK to get across to the Western Isles so rather than pay another nights mooring I moved to Loch Drumbuie, a short hope to the NE. 

According to the pilot this is a very popular and often crowded anchorage, probably because its free! And indeed its quite attractive and well sheltered but most is very deep so boats cluster in a few sheltered spots so I can see how it gets crowded. 

I was the first arrival but what looked like an “Open 60” single or 2 handed handed racing boat converted to cruising with a crew was close behind also coming from Tobermory and a third followed later, a familiar boat but I can't place where I have seen it previously, it could have been on a previous trip or the day before. This happens a lot, serious cruisers bump into each other, hopefully not literally, quite a lot, for instance on a Pontoon at Tobermory was a boat last seen at Newlyn and it would not surprise me to see them again as they are up here for the summer. 

Update: I did - at Tobermory on the way back, then they arrived in Newlyn 20 minutes before I left and I later heard them talking to the Coast Guard giving information on another's Pan Pan.

Five miles in an hour and a quarter.

2023 Tobermory to Loch Drumbuie

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