Sunday, June 13, 2021

Round GB 2021, Day 59. Campbeltown to Browns Bay.

I started off in cool but pleasant sailing weather with 9 knots of wind from the WSW. The forecast was equivocal and I was aiming for somewhere in N. Ireland with Stranraer as an alternate if the wind changed drastically.

This 40 footer left just after me heading north and did the
right thing in over taking to leeward although she was a bit close.
A9m Achilles Sancerre crossing the North Channel
Sanda Island with the Mull of Kintyre behind.
An hour later the wind died and on went the engine.
I was not impressed with the pollution coming from this ferry
outbound from Larne. In need of a major service I suspect.
A9m Achilles Sancerre crossing the North Channel
The Maidens about 5 miles from the entrance to Larne Loch.
A9m Achilles Sancerre at Browns Bay, NI.
The anchorage at Browns Bay at the entry to Larne Loch.
A9m Achilles Sancerre at Browns Bay, NI.
I was rather surprised when, in such a large anchorage,
this boat parked dead up wind of me and very close. Sure
enough in the morning I came within half a boat length getting
my anchor up and at one point had to rush back and put
the engine in reverse as the boat was making way through the
water from winching in the anchor and would have hit. With all
the engine noise the skipper must have been a sound sleeper or
reckoned it would be too late to do anything if I screwed up.

39.8 miles over the ground in 8 hours.

Slide show all of my pictures Campbeltown to Browns Bay, NI. Page through by clicking the arrows or click in the centre of the pic to view from Flickr in a new window or full screen:

2021 Campbeltown - Browns Bay

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