Sunday, June 13, 2021

Round GB 2021, Day 60. Browns Bay to Bangor.

I wanted to go the Ardglass to refuel and revictual as I have run out of fresh stuff but its 45 miles and with headwinds that would not be possible without sailing into the night so I did a short hop to Ballyholme Bay, Bangor.

I was off at 06:30 as the tide started to turn in my favour in a southerly F3 wind. That was up and down, largely down until I was about four miles from Bangor when a a south westerly came in suddenly at F4 then F5.

A9m Achilles Sancerre in Belfast Loch
In Belfast Loch, in a few minutes I went from ghosting along at 2 knots
with little wind to making over 5 knots and 5 minutes after that
I had a reef in the headsail and genoa with the wind blowing F4-5.
A9m Achilles Sancerre off Bangor NI
At Anchor, Ballyholme Bay, Bangor.
A9m Achilles Sancerre off Bangor NI
When I arrived in the late morning there appeared to be no activity
at the sailing club but it looks like the good sized fleet only
has one race on a Sunday.


15.2 miles in 4.5 hours.

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