Saturday, August 29, 2020

Leaving Blyth Sunday or early Monday?

Yesterday (Friday) was rather wild with a northerly wind whipping up the water in the marina, fortunately I am on an inner berth, three yachts that arrived for shelter Thursday and Friday were not as lucky and are being bashed against the pontoon in gale force winds. The Dutch boat was fortunate to get in c 09:00 in 25 knots of wind a few hours before it got a lot worse.

With plenty of room between the pontoon ‘fingers’ I was able to rig the
mooring lines to hold Sancerre well off of the finger for a comfortable albeit
very noisy evening.

Saturday dawned with light winds but that quickly changed and it is again windy and will get worse with gusts of 40 knots predicted. The good news however is that the forecast of some strong winds for Thursday or Friday has been toned down so that I have some flexibility on when to leave which is good as there is some uncertainty as to when I can.

The wind should ease early Sunday morning but with waves predicted to be over 4 metres high close to my route this evening I doubt that it would be comfortable, or safe  to leave early tomorrow, especially with the remaining wind against tide during the morning, also it is likely that anchorages on route would be uncomfortable or untenable until Monday. On the other hand an earlier start would give favourable winds for longer before they turn light and then adverse.

I will be checking again this evening and again in the morning but there appear to be two options, leave about lunchtime tomorrow and sail through the night, probably to the Humber and anchor behind Spurn point or, more likely, to leave very early on Monday morning and go to Lowestoft in 2 or 3 legs stopping off at Spurn and / or Filey (or one of the anchorages a bit further north).

Hopefully I will be able to get home without too many interruptions from the weather, even though I may have to motor quite a bit (I have fuel to get to Lowestoft where I can get more, none is available here). I certainly don’t want another almost 2 week hiatus.

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