Monday, August 17, 2020

Stage 23, Ethie Haven to Lindisfarne.

I left on Sunday at 05:20 with very light winds and unfortunately had to motor until close to the Firth of Forth when I was able to make very good speed (up to 6 knots) motor sailing and then from late morning sailing – much quieter and much more pleasant. 

With an abundance of caution the engine went back on about 5 miles out so as to get to the Lindisfarne entrance an hour or so before low tide to give a bit more water over the bar, close to neaps there is enough water for Sancerre to enter but a big wave coming in could make it marginal, so better safe than sorry.
Achilles 9 metre "Sancerre"  Lindisfarne
Coming into Lindisfarne.

The approach into Lindisfarne is quite tight and requires care and reasonable
weather. Coming down the eastern side of the island there are also
lots and lots of lobster pots,

At the time of writing (Monday) I don’t know what my next move will be, forecasts differ but all show a combination of headwinds, sometime strong and south westerlies which would, according to the pilot make the Lindisfarne anchorage uncomfortable. Also fog, drizzle and rain.

Achilles 9 metre "Sancerre"  Lindisfarne
As the fog closed in, its now a bit worse although I can still just make out this boat.
In recent experience this anchorage is busy with 3 yachts, its the first time
 since St Ives that I have shared an anchorage. 

A dash to Blythe looks to be an option but tidal considerations make an intermediate stop about 10 miles out desirable, but those anchorages are likely to be extremely uncomfortable or dangerous in a strong south easterly. At the moment the question is mute as the visibility is about 40 yards and not likely to significantly improve any time soon.

Slide show all of my pictures from Peterhead to Lindisfarne. Page through by clicking the arrows or click in the centre of the pic to view from Flickr in a new window or full screen:

2020 Lindisfarne

Lindisfarne to Blyth.

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