Monday, August 29, 2022

2022 Celtic Circuit, Days 22 - 27 St Mary's Pool, Isles of Scilly


Strong easterly winds set in over the weekend and are likely to be around until Thursday, then some models are showing a strong possibly of gale force southerly winds arriving on Sunday or Monday. It looks as if I will make a dash to the mainland on Friday, probably in fairly rough seas, so that if there is no berth available at Newlyn I'll have time on Saturday to get round The Lizard on Saturday to find shelter from the strong winds in the Fal.

In the mean time I will stay on the mooring in the Pool at least through Tuesday as the wind is currently force 5 -6, then if the wind has moderated I may move to an anchorage but they are somewhat limited in easterlies and most are popular so space could be a problem. Meanwhile the mooring here are getting very crowded with a mix of English and French boats, mostly quite large.

St Mary's Pool from the north.
Update 3rd Sept, whilst weather bound on the Truro River:
Easterly winds persisted so I spent some time trying to get the dinghy's outboard fixed, it had cut out on my last delivery trip to the boat on the Hamble and would only run for a short time. The local outboard company, Island Outboards at Porthloo, were very helpful picking up and returning the engine from / to Sancerre on the mooring. They got it running well enough to use, but were unable to completely fix it as they do not carry spares for small Mariner / Mercury engines. Once I had it back I moved to the nearby anchorage off Porthloo to wait for a weather window to get back to the mainland.
Porthloo anchorage from Porthloo.
The Scilloian III arriving from the mainland passing very close to
the anchorage.
Sunset from the Porthloo anchorage, a men's gig crew out practicing.
Lady's crews doing it for real, racing from just off Tresco to
the Harbour as St Mary's. It made me feel exhausted just to
watch. More pics in the slide show.
The weather looked reasonable to get back to the mainland on Friday, a good job as very strong southerly winds were forecast for much of the following week, strong enough that I would have had to battle merely strong winds to get back rather than risk southerly gales or severe gales in exposed anchorages or moorings in Scilly - a fate I avoided in July last year by abandoning a trip at St Mawes and rushing back to the Hamble saving me from storm Evert's very destructive winds in the islands that caused many boats both anchored and on  to be driven ashore whilst 2 life boats and a rescue helicopter worked most of the night rescuing people. 

2022 Summer St Marys

Bailing out to the Truro River

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