Tuesday, August 16, 2022

2022 Celtic Circuit, Days 4 & 5 Hope Cove to Polkerris.

A relatively late start at 06:45 in lovely weather, albeit a bit hot when the wind was light. Again, the wind had east in it so some good sailing with coloured sails.


Out of peak season I would have gone into Fowey but the valley is a sun trap, often sheltered from any wind, boats will be rafted on the closely packed buoys and the town chock full of tourists so, close to a hot hell on earth. Much better in an offshore wind is Polkerris, just around the corner past Gribben Head and east of Par Sands.

Gribben Head with its day mark (left), the entrance to Fowey
(centre) and Polruan (right of the entrance).
This annoys me, off Fowey there was a small pod of Dolphins,
the guidance says that when close to dolphins, whales etc. you
should, providing its safe, make no changes in course or speed.
This sports fisherman and later a motor cruiser were chasing them
not surprisingly they made off under water, so it was self-defeating.
A good anchorage in the right conditions and there is space 
for dozens, even 100s of boats. Overnight there was a dozen
and with a cooling breeze it was a pleasant evening albeit
with no shower or ice cream.
No shower, so I went ashore for a swim, there are several secluded
small beaches and its easier than swimming from the boat and
having to climb back aboard.
There were a number of "Compass" jelly fish around, there sting
is reported in some sources to be mild and another swimmer said they
don't hurt but, especially as I am allergic to a lot of insect bites, I decided
not to risk it and stayed in a small area where I could not see any.
I later found another source saying stings can be very painful,
so I'll continue to avoid them!

33 miles in 9 hours.

2022 Summer Polkerris

I had intended to move straight on to St Mawes to meet up with a fellow Jester Sailor and one or two old sailing friends. Unfortunately  I got out of the bunk a bit two quickly and suffered an attack of  benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV)  (where certain head movements trigger vertigo) only my 4th or 5th episode in a dozen years, fortunately I was at anchor in a safe place and not at sea, so I stayed for an extra day to recover.

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