Thursday, May 20, 2021

2021 Round GB Day 34. Shieldaig to Raasay.

I sailed up the "Inner Sound" (east of Raasay) last year and the AUTEC submarine / underwater weapons systems range along there was likely to be active so I decided to take the slightly longer route south west of Rona and Raasay.

Achilles 9m Sancerre in Loch Shieldaig
Early morning in Loch Shieldaig.
Achilles 9m Sancerre in Loch Shieldaig
Leaving in a dead calm with the wake (some created by the
dinghy I was towing) reaching to each side of the Loch.
Achilles 9m Sancerre in Loch Shieldaig
Approaching the outer Loch.
Achilles 9m Sancerre in Loch Shieldaig
Moving into the outer loch, the shore is very steep too, here
I was in 134 metres of water (just visible on the instrument on
the right) and that continues to well less than 100 yards of the shore.
The water around Raasay and Rona is incredibly deep close to
shore, just north of Rona my echo sounder could not find the
bottom which the chart says is 265 metres down.
It was a day of fluky, generally light winds and when coming down the sound it took me 4 hours to cover just under 10 miles with no significant current and 6.5 hours to cover the 30 miles to Churchton Bay at the south end of Raasay. 
Approaching Rona moving from 250 metres of water to 50 or so.
Achilles 9m Sancerre in the Sound of Rassay
Beating down the Sound of Rassay.
I chose to anchor south of the small harbour to avoid disturbance from the ferry and anchored in front of Raasay House, now a hotel but a private house when Boswell & Johnson visited in 1773.
Churchton Bay, Raasay. Raasay House on the left.
The Isle of Skye from the anchorage.

Slide show of all my pictures from Shieldaig to Raasay, page through by clicking the arrows or click in the centre of the pic to view from Flickr in a new window or full screen:

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