Wednesday, May 12, 2021

2021 Round GB Days 27 & 28. Hunda Sound to Stromness.

At last a warm day! Unfortunately the wind was very light, most of the time only about 5 knots but it was a pleasant sail and for the first time on this trip I was sailing in shirt sleeves and shorts - at least for a few hours.

Track from Hunda Sound to Stromness. Skirting the
Barrel of Butter reef at the half way point.
The "Barrel of Butter" reef with Hoy and Fara behind.
The boat has divers down, probably fishing for Scallops, the owner
dived on Sancerre last year when I had propeller problems
A nice Laurent Giles 38 footer also going to Stromness, I was the
first visiting yacht at Stromness this year half an hour ahead of her.
Defences on the Orkney "mainland" shore of Scarpa Flow.
Graemsay and Hoy

Some interesting trivia (for many) we are still well off the longest day but the almanac includes this for Stromness: 

21:31  Sun Set azimuth 309°
00:20  End of Nautical Twilight azimuth 348°
01:58  Start of Nautical Twilight azimuth 012°
03:49  Start of Civil Twilight azimuth 038°
04:46  Sun Rise azimuth 050°

Looking from Stromness towards Scarpa Flow.
Today (Wednesday) its back to normal with a fairly strong cold wind, a bit of rain and no sun. The forecast is reasonable (NE F3-5 backing N in the afternoon or evening, with showers) to get to Loch Eriboll tomorrow although its likely to be uncomfortable, another dead run, and probably a nasty sea although the forecast says the waves will be "slight to moderate".

13.7 miles in less than 5 hours.

Slide show of all my pictures from Peterhead to Stromness, page through by clicking the arrows or click in the centre of the pic to view from Flickr in a new window or full screen:

2021 Peterhead - Stromness


  1. Good to see you in Stromness again, John. Best wishes for the rest of your trip! Leesa, Orkney Marinas.

    1. Thanks, good to be there again. I made Stornoway but the weather later in the week precludes St Kilda, next year perhaps.