Thursday, June 9, 2022

2022 St Kilda Day 72 Aberdaron Bay to Milford Haven.

A few hours sleep and I was off for a long day at 01:30 under engine again but fortunately a light wind set in and I was sailing from five o’clock, initially reaching but the wind started to swing and I had the cruising chute up at 06:30 quickly to be replaced by the 60 sq m symmetrical spinnaker at 07:00 at the wind settled down to a little east of north at 7 knots. I held the spinnaker for over 8 hours with a couple of gybes as the wind swung.
07:24 on a broad port reach with the 60 square metre
symmetrical spinnaker.
11:36 on a starboard reach that would shortly become a run.
The inshore route through Ramsay and Jack Sounds was not on the cards due to uncertainty of the time of arrival so it was a longer route across St Brides Bay. The spinnaker came down as the wind increased and I prepared to round up pass the “Bishop and Clerks” and inside “The Smalls”, with strong currents and eddies this was no time to have a big spinnaker up single handed.

For extended periods I was making 10 knots over the ground motor sailing. But went back to sails only as I passed Skokholm Island. This was my third time through this channel and the first I actually saw it, the first occasion it was night and the second, earlier in this cruise, in thick fog and the speed of the current was far more obvious.

I headed into the Haven under engine in a very brisk head wind and was rather concerned that the swell and chop  I was going through would carry through to the planned anchorage in Sandy Haven Bay but all was well when I got there and anchored at seven thirty with half a dozen other boats planning to ride out the increasing wind under the shelter of the cliffs.

115 miles in 18 hours.

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