Thursday, June 30, 2022

I really, really did not want to do this.

Almost the last thing I wanted to do was paint the boat but there is not much choice given the high cost (many thousands) of having it done professionally. 

During lockdown the boat suffered whilst on the mooring, wind and tide meant that she was healing somewhat and, with the boot line rather low and me not having access to clean it, weed accumulated just above the boot line and punctured the gloss paint coat causing some blistering. Last winter there were a small number of areas where the paint was pealing but nothing major. 

When she was hauled out after my problem with the seacock she was power washed and suddenly paint was peeling off in a number places.

In March there was a very small mark at the left covered by the
off colour blue paint, one blast with the power washer and its 6
or 8" long, and this was not the worst.

Checking it out, along with the boss of the yard, it became clear that over several areas, mainly near the waterline,  the undercoat was not bonded to the filler or substrate which was very very smooth.

Sancerre being professionally repainted in 2015. The boot line
too low from previous work by someone. I had raised it, enough
in a marina, but as it turns out not enough on an exposed
mooring or loaded for a long trip.
Leaving it longer would make things worse, so with the boat already hauled out I am going to have to take drastic measures, strip off the loose paint and hand paint the topside after appropriate treatments.

July is going to seem like a very long month. Click here for the first 2 days of work.

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