Saturday, June 18, 2022

2022 St Kilda Day Day 82 Fowey to Cawsand Bay

A 6:45 start with a visit fuel berth on the first of the ebb, a good time to get onto it although the current was a little more than ideal, but mooring port side to, going into the tide was not difficult and puts the fuel cap on the shore side for access. Rarely could you sensibly berth single handed going down tide on this berth.

It was a nice sunny day with variable winds often very light and sometime non-existent, but I managed to sail all the way except for using the engine for a total of half an hour to leave Fowey and to anchor at Cawsand. 

Passing outside off the Udder Rock south cardinal buoy a few
miles east of Fowey. One of the few buoys I can reliably
remember the name of. The rock dries 0.6 metres at LAT
but I have never seen it.
The Portuguese "Bartolomeu Dias" one of many warships from
several nations exercising off of Plymouth, I also identified HMS
Diamond (T45 Destroyer) , HMS Somerset  & HMS Kent (T23
Frigates),a German Frigate I can't remember the name of, plus a
couple of logistics ships and a small British warship not advertising
its name on AIS and too far off to read it's pennant number. 
The Cawsand anchorage
The anchorage was quite busy when I arrived (not as many as
shown, at least half of these boats are local on moorings), and got
more so. There was a certain pleasure in recognising several larger
boats that had motored past me as I sailed.

2022 St Kilda Day 82 Fowey to Cawsand

23 miles in ten and a half hours.

Click here for Cawsand to Beer.

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